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Identica T-series scanners on display at KDTEX.

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On July 8 & 9, we headed to the suburbs of Korea Dental Technology Expo & Scientific Conference 2017 (KDTEX). KDTEX is one of the largest dental exhibition in Korea, and with

 almost 20,000 attendants, we got to meet lots of new faces while also reconnecting with many of our existing customers and colleagues.


Exhibitions are great opportunity for customers to see our scanners in person. Through this exhibition, we were able to provide an opportunity to show the true quality of Identica T-series. The T-series managed to surprise the customers yet again with incredible scanning speed even faster than previous Identica Hybrid model, and also the enhanced quality of the scan data.  



For the exhibition, we also held user seminars on the booth and various lectures were provided. Many famous dental technicians gave presentations on digital dentistry. Additionally, there was a presentation on our scanners, and EXOCAD program to assist users to utilize the products to its full potential.



Thank you for your interests and participation and we look forward to meeting you in the next event. Stay informed by checking our blog page.  

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