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Identica projectors designed to increase lifespan of scanner

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When choosing a 3D dental scanner for your lab or clinic there are many things to consider.  Speed, accuracy, and usability are key factors, but we should also consider the durability of the machine.  

Each component must work seamlessly with one another and we should be able to trust that the machine will continue working far after its purchase date.

The lifespan of 3D scanners are dependent upon the projector
.  Unfortunately a poorly designed scanner that does not carefully consider the projector's use and build can significantly shorten the lifespan of the device. 

Generally, the lifetime of an LED lamp extends well past 30,000 hours.  However, the LED’s actual lifespan is affected by other conditions such as heat, which can limit the use of the LED and scanner.

The bright and wide image beams projected from the optical engine also produce quite a bit of heat that then require a fan for cooling. Because of the fan, dust quickly accumulates resulting in light reduction, data inaccuracies, and a shortened life span. These problems can become even more accelerated when the machine is operated in a dusty environment.

To solve these problems, our engineers at Medit worked to improve the life of our Identica scanners by designing and developing our own projector that is uniquely tailored to the design of Identica scanners.  Medit designed a projector optimized to reduce heat and dust buildup, and results can be seen in all of Medit’s scanners. 

  1. Medit scanners are designed for low power consumption and low heat generation.  This means the scanner will last longer and be more stable for a much longer period of time.  Also, when not in use, the scanner goes into a lower power stand-by mode. 
  2. The optical engine is an enclosed type that is designed to not be exposed to the outside, so it can be protected from dust buildup. 
  3. Firmware updates, scan patterns, etc. are always available online allowing you to maintain the highest performance standards for your scanner.

In addition, cameras, projectors, etc. consist of training modules and if completely broken can be sent to one of our service centers in Seoul or Sacramento, CA.

We have made strides in the build quality of our machines and we are so confident in the durability of our scanners that we extended Identica Hybrid's warranty to two years for all new customers.


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