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Introducing the 3-Axis Impression Arm

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The Identica T500 3-axis impression arm offers the ability to scan both sides of an impression automatically in one smooth, uninterrupted step. The arm can be attached anddetached easily from the machine and is able to capture deep inlays, impressions and full undercuts quickly and without any compromise on image quality. 

Guaranteed Accuracy in Every Scan

The 3-axis arm has excellent range of movement, allowing Identica T500 to capture impressions in almost any orientation. Even very complex objects can be scanned with guaranteed accuracy. With such range of movement comes an almost unlimited range of visibility, helping ensure pinpoint precision in every scan you take.


Fast and Convenient Double Scan Technology

Without the addition of the 3-axis impression arm, users would need to manipulate the impression manually in order to take a double scan. With the 3-axis impression arm, the need for any manual intervention is eliminated. Once the first side has been scanned, the 3-axis impression arm smoothly revolves the impression upside down so that the scanner can capture the other side. Due to the way the arm maneuvers the impression, the scanner is able to take scans at a wider and better angle.


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Easy Operation and Intuitive Design

The 3-axis impression arm is supplied with the Identica T-Series* scanners and offers complete freedom over your scanning functionality. Simply attach it to the scanner when you need to take auto-double impression scans. The arm can be attached in seconds, and it will be recognized automatically by Identica's intuitive software.

Thanks to the 3-axis impression arm, it has never been faster or easier to take accurate impressions from every conceivable angle. Once the scan is complete, it can be manipulated and edited with the software to create a highly accurate image that ensures the most successful outcome for the patient.


*optional with theIdentica T300


Revolutionize the Way You Work

Taking impressions can be a laborious and time-consuming task. With the 3-axis impression arm, you can make light work of impression scans by taking double impressions automatically, without the need to remove or turn the impression at any point in the process. Improve speed and accuracy and reduce error. Identica T-Series will revolutionize your productivity and precision and, ultimately, the way you work.



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