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Speed and accuracy for your Digital Dental workflow, the Identica T500

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How the Identica T500's Speed and Accuracy Will Transform Your Lab.png

How the Identica T500's Speed and Accuracy Will Transform Your Lab

When you need to accurately model the teeth and soft tissue in a patient's mouth, you turn to 3D dental scanning. While 3D scanning is the gold standard, it can be very slow. 

Some companies have tried to sacrifice accuracy in the name of speed, producing scanners that create rough, "sketchy" images that are hard to use. And, of course, dental technicians have to supervise scans: the longer a scan goes on, the more time it takes to handle each one. Especially when your staff has to make several scans, this can become time-consuming very quickly.

The Identica T500

Medit's Identica T500 is a 3D dental scanning machine specifically designed to combine speed and accuracy. The T500's scan of a full arch lasts just 12 seconds, which makes it the fastest scan on the market.

The T500's unique scanning technology ensures the image is precise and accurate - within less than seven microns. And because the scan is so fast and you'll get it done right the first time, you and your staff will be free to move on to other patients.

Unique Functionality

In addition to its speed and accuracy, the Identica T500 has several features that make it the best 3D dental scanner on the market. For instance, its three-axis arm scans as it moves, allowing you to take a double-sided impression with just one scan.



The T500 is also bundled with a flexible multi-die grip. This holds your model in place, making mounting swift, simple and painless.

No License Fees, No Update Fees

Many companies have arrangements where laboratories essentially rent their 3D scanner thanks to yearly license fees. But when your laboratory buys Medit's Identica T500, you pay for it only once for the lifetime of the equipment.

This includes software updates. Some suppliers make laboratories pay for each update. However, Medit distributes them for free to all equipment owners.

Your lab's dental scanner is a vital tool. With a fast, accurate scanner, you'll be able to complete essential scans quickly and easily. Medit's Identica T500 is an important addition to any dental laboratory.


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