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Medit: An Ever-Growing Company in the 3D scanning industry

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Ever since our launch in 2000, Medit has been on a mission to revolutionize scanning for our dental and industrial clients. We are a solutions-based company that saw a problem slow and expensive 3D scanning in the dental industry and decided to work on bringing the price of 3D dental and industrial scanners down while also bringing the quality of the scanner up. 

Our highly creative engineers and product designers are passionate about continuously building in efficiencies to the scanning process to lessen the time it takes to produce scanned material and thus heighten the ability for our clients to profit during their workflow.

By designing and developing our own scanner technology over the past 17 years, Medit has been able to build and iterate on scanner technology to make our 3D scanners achieve the highest quality and value on the market. Beginning with our line of Identica scanners, we brought better quality to model and impression scanning. Medit's new Identica T-series offers even faster scanning that allows dental clinics to produce superior scans faster. We then expanded to developing our Solutionix line of industrial scanners, which have been adopted around the globe by many esteemed manufacturing and design companies.


Medit's skyrocketing growth really kicked into gear in 2016 when we released our Identica Hybrid scanner. This scanner is 74 percent faster than earlier models and shows an 87 percent reduction in data size, meaning that the scanner works efficiently at both the speed and data level. Releasing the Identica Hybrid allowed Medit to expand into a number of new markets and to grow our sales in new and existing markets.

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After the success of the Hybrid scanner, Medit developed the technology for the Identica T300 and T500 scanners. The T300 and T500 scanners each represent further innovations toward speed, data efficiency precision and accuracy for our dental office clients. The T300 is fast while also coming to market at a price that entry-level users can buy in to. The T500 offers even greater image quality via a high-resolution camera, and advanced data processing to make the time spent between initial scanning and final product as minimal as possible.

The markets responded even more enthusiastically to the Identica T300 and T500 than they did to the Identica Hybrid. Sales for these models are high and are going up month over month. Medit's next-generation scan software, colLab 2017, has made the scanning workflow as efficient as can be as by providing Identica T300 and T500 customers with new ways to scan and optimized scan data.

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Medit is thrilled as a company to have been able to create a suite of scanners that solve our customers' pain points regarding speed, quality and data efficiency. As a team of engineers and designers who love to solve problems, we are only at the beginning of our growth cycle in terms of new product development and innovation. Each new product we release will push towards greater effectiveness, building on the successes of prior products and integrating the ideas we develop in the course of talking to customers and finding out what they need. With Medit, you can count on our track record of innovation and success. We also invite you to look forward with us to a future of exciting inventions in the scanning space. Scanning can only get faster and more efficient from here.

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